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Graduate Program 2015

We welcome applicants to The Graduate Program by Absolut - the graduate program by the most creative spirits brand in the world. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to kick start a career by working with an iconic brand and to gain invaluable brand experience in sales and marketing.


For a period of 18 months program participants will enhance their skills as Brand Experience Specialists. Practical knowledge in this field of expertise will be acquired by living abroad and working closely with local marketing and sales teams in the planning, development and implementation of our brand activities. Are you what we are looking for?


The Graduate Program targets passionate entrepreneurs attracted by new ways of thinking and doing. It will require hard work, high flexibility and self-reliance. The way we see it, nothing is ever written in stone. The future is not a given, it is yours to create.


Absolut Vodka is the world’s fifth largest spirits brand. Every single bottle of Absolut Vodka is produced in Åhus in southern Sweden. Known since the early days for its one source concept, iconic bottle design and innovative artistic collaborations, Absolut Vodka is sold in over 150 countries around the world.

Local Roots Global Reach

The Absolut Company is a part of the Pernod Ricard group, which holds one of the most prestigious brand portfolios in the sector. Pernod Ricard is a leader in the Wines & Spirits sector worldwide with presence in over 75 markets, and has established itself as number one in the Premium segment.

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Are you ready to transform?

If the “Yes” column below applies to you then you most likely are ready to apply to the Graduate Program 2015 and help us take Absolut into the future!



You have a University Degree in Business & Management or Marketing.

That is a good start! Read on.

You are Passionate

You are passionate about what you do. Devotion, warmth and enthusiasm is who you are. The Graduate Program 2015 requires you to build long-lasting engagement, passion and advocacy for the brand everywhere you go.

You are an Entrepreneur

You see the bumps in the road as a great way to learn and develop into what you can be – on top, on the edge – leading the way. Moving to another country to help us build and implement the Absolut brand experience is not always going to be an easy ride. That is why you have to be self-directed and possess readiness to constantly embark on bold new ventures.

You are an Achiever

You do not wait for things to happen but take the initiative to achieve impact with your activities and transform the future. You are a highly enthusiastic and independent self-starter driven by seeing results.

You are Creative

Your perspective is that nothing is ever written in stone and that the future is not a given, it is yours to create.

You have an interest in contemporary culture

Art, fashion, design and music are close to your heart. You will be managing the Absolut brand experience, so you need to know how to combine the two and be knowledgeable about what kind of contemporary culture is a good fit for Absolut. This involves identifying core target events & influencers among creative communities in art & culture, and making sure we build strong and lasting relationships with them. It is therefore a clear advantage if you have a strong sense of the creative potential of experiential marketing for creating brand engagement.

You are fluent in English

And preferably in an additional language. You need to be an excellent presenter and communicator in order to implement our values in markets defined by different cultures. You speak and write with a high degree of professionalism and credibility. You communicate effectively with various audiences.

You are Swedish 

Due to legal restrictions only Swedish resdidents will be accepted to the program this year.


You have not finished your Business & Management or Marketing studies yet.

You are welcome to apply once you have! However, if you will be finished with your studies by the end of the spring semester 2015, you are welcome to apply. 

You prefer to have guidelines in order to do your work.

You like someone other than yourself to lead the way.

Meeting a new crowd can sometimes be challenging.

You think that always being attentive and listening to other people's insights and thoughts is too demanding.

Presenting in front of a lot of people is not your thing.

The thought of making a fool of yourself in public scares you immensely.

You think life is too short to work up a sweat in creating something extraordinary when you can relax.

Then the Graduate Program is not for you since every aspect of it can be described in two words: hard work.

You are in it for the money.

This 18-month journey is not going to make your wallet grow – but surely your resume and life experience account!

Having a future career goal is really not your thing

You let circumstances determine your destiny because you actually do believe that the future is a given.

Dare to dream and create, make it feasible and relevant, and do it! Absolut will support you.

- Florian Charpentier, Absolut Brand Ambassador

Florian is based in Paris and joined us in August 2014.

I can’t think of a better company to give me the opportunity to put my educational background within art and business, fuelled by my passion for creative projects, to practical use.

- Sofia Ed Larsen, Absolut Brand Ambassador.

Sofia is based in Stockholm and joined us in April 2013.

I love the passion people express for the brand and how everyone is personally involved in its success.

- Erik Lehmann, Brand Experiences

Erik is based in Stockholm and joined us in August 2014.

What I like most about Absolut is that it is a global brand with local roots.

- Rebecca Leon, Brand Activation Manager Absolut

Rebecca is based in Amsterdam and joined us in August 2014.

Absolut has always been an inspiration to me. I know the history of Absolut and I wanted to be a part of its future.

- Isabel Erlingson, Absolut Brand Ambassador-Social Media

Isabel is based in Toronto and joined us in August 2014.

The future is not a given - it is yours to create

Think of where you are today. Then think of where you will be after the Absolut Graduates experience. What will you be able to tell your friends, parents or future boss that you have done and learnt over the last 18 months? The program is going to demand determination, creativity and hard work from you. And what you get out of the program also depends largely on you.

In return we can promise you one thing – this job will not be boring!

International Experience.

You will be working internationally with brand experience to contribute in significant ways to experiential marketing, sales and to the brand as a whole. You will have a rewarding position in a global and dynamic company with a convivial spirit.

International Exposure.

You will represent Absolut as a true brand champion, building networks for the brand by inspiring the local marketing and sales teams through experiential marketing events, collaborations with trailblazing artists, education in vodka-making, internal communication and the sharing of best practices.

International Network.

An important brand ingredient, you will identify core target group events and influencers, among creative communities within art and culture as well as key trade customers to make sure we build strong and lasting relationships with them.

Brand Building and Commercial Experience

You will support the growth of Absolut and the launch of Absolut Elyx in your designated country. And how is that to be done? Well – you will soon have all the answers!

Experience of bringing strategy to life

You will take responsibility for the initial packaging of all local events and be part of telling the global brand story by creating qualitative content. Your responsibilities will span from launching new innovative products such as Absolut Elyx to organizing and hosting events for key trade and consumer influencers.

Working with exceptional people and an iconic brand

You will work closely with a range of customers from regional accounts to hip local bars and restaurants as well as with experienced people within the Pernod Ricard network. A network of colleagues within The Absolut Company and a mentor in the brand development team will guide and instruct you. In conjunction with the Absolut Brand Experience team in Stockholm, you will develop groundbreaking ideas.

Apply for 2015

Apply to the Absolut Graduate Program by sending us your CV and a 2 minute long (maximum) video about yourself and why you are applying. Be creative! Upload your film (youtube/vimeo etc) and attach the URL to the video. 

Last year, we recieved this amazing video that we would love to share with you for inspiration:  We don't need to tell you he got the job, do we? 


Application period opens in




Important dates

Career fairs /

Nov 12 - 13 2014

Career Fair at Göteborgs University, Gadden

Let's meet in Gothenburg. We are keen to get to know you and spark a discussion around our graduate program.

Feb 6 2015

Career Fair at Handelshögskolan in Stockholm, Handelsdagarna

Visit us at Handelsdagarna for more information on our Graduate Program and the opportunities we have if you are interested in working for a company with local roots and global reach

Application /

Jan 15 2015

Application period opens

Mar 15 2015

Application closes

Selection /

Mar 16 2015

Selection process based on application and films begins

Questions & Answers

When does the Graduate Program start?

For the 2015 year's program training starts in August in Sweden, after which you will be placed in your designated market in the first week of September.

Who will be my manager and what will my network look like?

You will report directly to a line manager at the Pernod Ricard market company. You will also have a network of Graduates in other countries and contact with the Absolut headquarters.

Who can apply for the Graduate Program?

A person passionate about building brands and creating commercial engagement and who holds a university degree.

Where in the world will you place me if my application for the program is accepted?

During the last phase of the interview process you will be informed which market suits your profile and interest the best. You will be placed in one of the priority markets for Absolut. The match making between your aspirations and market needs will be discussed closely with you before any final papers are signed.

How often does the Graduate Program run?

The program runs annually, with training in August and in-market practice from September every year.

What happens when I have finished my assignment? Am I guaranteed a job at the Absolut Company or Pernod Ricard?

There are no guarantees. But the track record from Pernod Ricard shows that some 80% of graduates are recruited for a permanent position.

What are the options once I have finished the 18-month graduate program?

You will either get a second placement in a larger market, be permanently employed at Pernod Ricard or finish the graduate program.

How long is the assignment?

In general it is for 18 months plus one month of training.

What will I be doing during the Graduate Program 2015?

You will help the brand to achieve success. The program starts off with one month of immersion in the Absolut one source concept, the communication, the design, the innovations, the brand experiences, the brand story, sales, production, distribution and finance. Then 18 months of hard work awaits in a selected market where you contribute in significant ways to marketing, sales and to the brand as a whole. All in all, you will be trained in a 360 degree approach to what builds Absolut as a premium vodka brand and how to transform Absolut into a bespoke brand experience. The Graduate Program 2015 will turn you into a versatile Brand Experience Specialist.

Where will I live if I am accepted to the program (in an apartment that I fix myself, or will you fix it)?

You will receive an entry salary that will enable you, yourself to arrange housing. Together with the local market we will give you guidance in getting settled in a new environment.

Do I need to fix the visa application for the country to which I have been assigned?

We will, through our HR department, help you with all the formal paper work that is needed to move to your designated country.

Do I have to be Swedish to apply?

Due to legal constraints, we are limiting our applications to Swedish citizens for the Graduate Program 2015.

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